Laurent Gauzi

I was born in a vine-covered amphitheater by the Mediterranean Sea. While I was studying to be a pharmacist, a wine tasting awakened the oenologist within me. I began by developing new wines for the largest French winemaker before going on to found Oenoterra.
I believe that the art of blending can elevate a terroir.

Romain Roux

I was born in Entre-deux-Mers, the great-greatgrandson of a wine-grower. I don’t know if it’s in my blood, but I love planting grapes and working with nature to help it produce the very best. My belief is that people elevate matter through their work. Today I am living my childhood dream of working in the most renowned terroirs.

Laurent & Romain was founded through the efforts of over 50 people with a passion for our products and our estates. They work to ensure that everyone can experience the best our terroirs have to offer.

Our solutions

Wine is a living, unstable product that requires constant attention.

All sites have their own thermoregulated stainless vats.

3 bottling centers: Bordeaux, Languedoc, Champagne.

Bottling site to IFS standards.

Each basin has its own bottling site.

Our analytical technologies in our laboratory guarantee the quality of purchase and repeatability of the manufacture of wine brands.

Our Wines

We are specialized in producing castles and Domains, own brands, custom brands, bio and sulphite free.

This appellation contains our hidden gems : Châteaux et Domaines products stand shoulder to shoulder with the greatest wines.


The best nature has to offer! Terroir in its purest state. Sulfite-free and organic wines to be enjoyed all year round.

With “Vin par Passion” we are delivering the ultimate tasting experience – exploring new frontiers with no limits on volume while maintaining quality.

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Lun / Ven : 8h – 18h

Numa GABAUDAN, Export Director