Le Dahut Bordeaux Rouge

Like the hunt for Dahut, tracking down the best terroir, the best harvest time, the best vinification, the best blends and maturing, finding the best bottle is a recurring fantasy for each of us. I often had the impression of discovering the ultimate cuvée: the perfect wine with such a deep color, such a finely chiseled balance, such an exquisite finish…to end up finding another one even more magnificent…a story endless, like that of Dahut. It is this quest full of humility where we learn something new every day, which allowed me to create this collection of authentic local wines, a clever balance between respect for nature and the work of the man. And if it was me Le Dahut…

Varieties : Merlot, Cabernet-Sauvignon
COLOR: Red wine in a beautiful deep purple color.
NOSE: Nose marked by an explosion of notes of forest fruits (blackberries, crushed raspberry, blackcurrant), cloves and vanilla.
MOUTH: The mouth is ample, rich and powerful, the balance of this wine will remind you of your escapades in the forest…in search of Dahut.
PAIRING: To be enjoyed from 12°C as an aperitif, it will also be the ideal companion to spicy cuisine, grilled meats, as well as mature cheeses.

Portfolio: Le Dahut Bordeaux Rouge
Le Dahut Bordeaux Rouge
Le Dahut Bordeaux Rouge